Foreclosure Listing

The Definitive Truth About Online Foreclosure Listing Services

See our review of all of the top foreclosure websites online. The information on their properties can be obtained through public information. These sites obtain this information from courthouses and banks to provide the lists. In our review we found that each website makes you provide your credit card in order to be approved for the free trial which is typically a week.
The sites we reviewed are the leaders in the Real Estate Investment marketplace. There are more websites on the internet for Real Estate Investments, but they basically use the same data as is provided from the sites below.

Read the reviews below and decide for yourself
Description: Foreclosure Reportings provides Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure listings.
Free Trial: Yes, one week
Cost: 19.92 a month
Review: If you are only looking for foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, this is who you should go with. The cost is the lowest we found and the data is from's system.
Recommendation: Top Recommendation. To get your feet wet in the real estate investment business, this is a top choice. Best value for quality we found.

Description: Currently offer 1.2 million properties which include Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, For Sale By Owner Homes and Tax Liens.
Free Trial: Yes, one week
Cost: $39.80 a month
Review: They offer a good system with information that seems to be fresh. We have contacted some people on their list and the properties were active. They do not have extensive information on the site, although they offer information on a state by state basis as there are different laws in different states and jurisdictions. Tax liens are offered on the site and these appear to be a safe way to make some nice profits investing in real estate. The website does not provide a lot of good information on tax liens, we had to back it up with a book purchase. The listings themselves are about all that is offered as far as tax liens are concerned. The website is more user friendly than others as it offers more sorting capabilities. We tried to compare individual properties with sites such as and had a difficult time as they were not sortable lists.
Recommendation: Recommend. is a recommended site. They are not the least expensive, but they do have some valuable properties available. Also, the addition of tax liens can prove to be a lucrative field. We recommend more information on tax liens on the site. We have to pay the monthly fee and get a book to understand the complications of tax liens.
Description: Currently offers Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, For Sale by Owner Homes.
Free Trial: Yes, one week
Cost: $39.80 a month
Review: offers less than their sister site, for the same price.
Recommendation: If you are to choose, go with for less money which pretty much offers the same product.
Description: Currently offers 500,000 foreclosure and pre-foreclosure properties. They also have Auction, Bank Owned, For Sale By Owner, Resale and New Homes.
Free Trial: Yes, one week
Cost: $39.80 a month, but they do offer other packages when you sign up for longer periods.
Review: They offer a lot of properties. They have a lot of good information on the site (how to list your For Sale By Owner Property, How to Buy a Foreclosure, different calculators), although this information is free to users of the site without having to log in as a subscriber. Signing up for their services provides listing details of the properties on the site. What we did find was that for zip code searches it appeared that RealtyTrac had the best number of properties. Many more were returned than any of the other websites. In searching through the site we found that they propped up their numbers in zip codes by having all the cities properties appear as opposed to just the ones in the zip code.
Recommendation: We recommend this as the third choice. They have a lot of properties but they can be misleading in returned listings categories, and sometimes leaving properties LIVE on site when they have been sold.
Description: Provides foreclosures in the US.
Free Trial: Yes, one week
Cost: $34.95 for a year
Review: offers limited foreclosure property listings.
Recommendation: By price alone, looks great. But looking at the information provided, it is not worth the money. There is such a limited number of foreclosures. They need to expand their reach and obtain more properties to compete with the leaders in the industry.
Description: offers a training that the other sites do not offer. They offer the foreclosure lists as the other sites do.
Free Trial: Yes, one week
Cost: $49.95 a month
Review: offers less properties than our direct recommendations. The foreclosure investing course offered via $19.95 was worth the money. We recommend it for people who do not like to pick up the book and study.
Recommendation: does offer some good training. Although we do not see the value of paying more per month for only limited foreclosures which can be obtained through other websites.
Description: Foreclosure service. They do not provide current numbers of properties. They currently provide only foreclosures.
Free Trial: Yes, one week
Cost: $29.95 a month
Review: There listings are very limited in the areas we checked, there were far fewer foreclosures available than the other top sites.
Recommendation: Stay away not worth money.
Description:Founded in 1998 and offers one of the largest inventories of foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, auction, HUD and government tax liens with over 1.2 Million Listing in 50 states.
Free Trial: 7 day or 30 day depending on membership choice
Cost: Gold Membership $9.95 Premium Membership $19.90 (monthly)
Review: Boasts having �One of the most trusted foreclosure data sources, which is hard to believe considering the use of poor grammar in describing their prices and services. They do however have research tools such as a mortgage calculator and investment tips on how to become a millionaire.
Recommendation: Not worth the time and aggravation. Most links don�t connect and it may not be cost effective to sign up when there is no foreshadowing of what you can search.
Description: Contains everything you need to make a real estate deal a reality and has been employed by investors and first-time home buyers for over 14 years.
Free Trial:No
Cost: Full access for a $383.00 lifetime fee ($15 of which is for processing and activation)
Review: lends the ability to contact owners directly and employs representatives who go to the courthouses weekly to obtain listings. After subscribing you will be assigned a representative to help you through the process and navigate the listings. Claims to be the �finest foreclosure listing service on the planet�, which seems a farce considering it is initially not user friendly. You will need to enter an email address to get updates and proceed into site but still there are no substantial details about properties, all you can see is that there may possibly be some listings. And without a free trial, it is ridiculous to shell out almost $400.00 when you don�t know what you�re in for.
Recommendation: Skip it. Don�t waste your hard earned money that could go towards the purchase of a home.
Description: Access to a database with over 400,000 properties consisting of residential and commercial properties in foreclosure as well as land.
Free Trial: Yes, but limited. Unlimited 7 day trial $3.95
Cost: $99.00 for 12 month or $39.95 monthly
Review: With an extensive list of properties and information sources it seems to be a good choice. There are many tools available such as a free property alerts and a free book offer to aid in your search. Information comes from reliable sources like major banks and government HUD and Fannie Mae. You can save �up to 50%� on foreclosed homes �making real estate easy� with the opportunity to view property pictures and listings you can�t see anywhere else.
Recommendation: Not in the top tier but much better than others on the list. Use this site in tandem with another you feel comfortable with for best results.
Description: Contains everything you need to conquer the foreclosure market with special bonuses, free credit reports and outstanding savings on loans and downpayments because they are the �most trusted provider of foreclosure listings�.
Free Trial: No, a one week unlimited trial for $1.00
Cost: $9.95 a week, billed monthly
Review: will help you avoid homes that are too expensive with three simple steps. However helpful they claim to be in assisting you in closing the deal they only have thousands of great listings, a low number in comparison to other sites. There are handy tidbits including neighborhood info and stats as well as tutorials on pre-foreclosure buying.
Recommendation: Good choice for the beginner who may need some extra help.
Description: A total rip-off of from the design to the material.
Free Trial: 7 days
Cost: $29.99 a month
Review: New foreclosures are added everyday with tips for foreclosure investing. Claim to employ 5 steps to buying foreclosure homes: search for prospective foreclosure properties, obtain financing, contact real estate agent (optional), contact owner and make an offer that can’t be refused. Home buying isn’t always this easy, and they want you to believe it is a walk in the park. Not enough of the useful help found on other sites and although the site has a low price it is not genuine in its efforts or capabilities.
Recommendation: Stay Away
Description: Foreclosure times maintains that they make the buying process �a cinch�. The site is described as easy to use and resourceful. Lends the possibility of saving up to 50%
Free Trial: 7 days
Cost:$29.95 a month or $ 79.95
Review: claims that you can earn up to $3,000 back if you use their various buyers services, which are all located on the page with a form asking if you want a mortgage application or buyers agent request. Also contained in the site is a convenient service directory with section including virtually all the contracts and forms you�d need for any real estate scenario. Included within the links is a sale prices section to help you in tracking the sale prices in your neighborhood. The site mentions the very important aspect of home inspections, which are crucial in a home sale or buy, not available on all sites. The mortgage center helps you to decide the best plan for you and your family while lending valuable lessons to use in the future. Although they also offer a research your neighborhood section, it is still important to know first hand how the neighborhood is, don�t go by just the details in the site.
Recommendation:Not a bad choice if you are looking for tips and tools to help you through.
Description: Bargain Network homes section. Claim to be able to help you find Homes from $10,000 with Over 600,000 property listings nationwide and the possibility of saving up to 50% on real estate. Property types include foreclosures, HUD Homes, VA Homes, and others.
Free Trial:No, $1.00 for a 7 day trial ($9.95 value)
Cost:$ 9.95 a week billed monthly
Review: Before signing up there are only models of what the listings might look like, there is no indication of the types of properties they really have to offer. However there are some useful tools that were not found on other foreclosure resources, like neighborhood crime reports as well as a public and private school reports which was not included in the other sites school information. Bargain Network has the methods to help learn what a foreclosure is and how the sale process works and finally, how you can buy a foreclosure in your area. Helpful tips not seen before included the keys to learning how much home can you afford and how to fix bad credit
Recommendation: Worth it to spend the dollar for the week trial but, not for the monthly membership.